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Roots of Belly Dance

Cheri Foster, 4/1/98
Belly Dance originates throughout the Middle Eastern region of the world. What most of you will see here in the United States is what is now called American Tribal Style. American Tribal Style dance encompasses all types of Middle Eastern Dance, From Moroccan to Egyptian. It is not a style that will discriminate what you want to express.

It was a Dance that was performed by women for women. Most men would never even see what the women were doing unless they were family. Like the Brother, Son, Husband, or Father. The same went for the Women as well because, men also had their own style of Belly Dance though it was much more linier than what you would typically see women doing.

There is also another style of dance that you will see commonly see that called Cabaret Style it is also known as Egyptian style dance. This style is seen often in Restaurants throughout the Middle East and here in the US. This style has a much more Bold and Striking costuming than Tribal Dance. The music also tends to be much more modern.

Belly dance is a wonderful way to loose weight and stay fit. Though belly dancing you can find a fun and beautiful way to make yourself happy. Not only are you able to learn how to flex and move your body but you are also learning to be creative as well.

There are many things that you can learn to do while dancing one of them being balancing a sword or basket on your head and dancing with it. There is more to Belly Dancing than just shaking your behind, you learn balance as well as pose.

Belly Dance does not discriminate, and No you do not have to be small and thin to Dance. So please get out of your heads that you cannot Belly Dance if you are not a Barbie. If this is your mindset. That you cannot dance because you are not the most beautiful women or man for that matter in the world. Then please let me help change your mind.

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