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Mina's Dance Classes

Mountain View and SunnyVale, Ca
I have been Studying Middle Eastern Dance now for over 10 years. Dance has always been something in my blood, since a little girl when I used to do Ballet to now, studying Bharatanatyam or Classical East Indian Dance. I have always wanted to give a part of myself to the world, and through dance I have been able show what is in my heart.

I want to give the knowledge that I have to others so that they may be able to express some or all of what I have found though this wonderful art. I am more than willing to teach any that are interested. Classes can be scheduled individually or in groups. Groups are preferred and you will also find that you will have more fun with more people involved in the class. Classes can be anywhere from once a week for an hour session or up to three times a week also hour long sessions. I do have set class times currently running. Please look further down the page for more details.

Belly Dancing is an active workout and you will find that you have Muscles where you never before knew you had. I would love to teach everyone who comes to me, Male or Female. I am in the Mountain View, CA area. My email address is on our contacts page. Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions. Do not feel that you cannot do something unless you try it first. -Cheri Foster AKA: Mina

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Warm ups/Cool Downs: Stretching to limbering exercises.

Basic Techniques: Shimmies, Camels, and Arabicís.

Intermediate Techniques (for Intermediate to Advanced Students): Patterns/Combinations, Chest drops, 5/8 movements.

Advanced Techniques: Partner dancing, Basic Chorography, spins, leans.

Props: Sword, Cain, Zills, Veil, and Basket.

Dalloua Dance also offers coaching for upcoming performances.
This allows you to do is go though your performance routine and have expert help with Arm Position, Stage Placement, Attitude and Focus.

Attire: your performance attire.

Please bring: Zills and your props if you are using any, and your performance music on CD.

Coaching must be scheduled in advance. Coaching pricing is $30.00 hr

Dalloua Dance Co. Beginning Belly Dance Classes
This class focuses on the technical breakdown of movements and introduces the expressive qualities of Middle Eastern Dance through poise, fluidity of motion, and musical interpretation.
In this class the students will also learn basic traveling steps, combinations, and more!
Great for exercise, self-confidence, and fun!

Attire: wear comfortable pants, a skirt, or leggings and a comfortable top. Wear your hair up and out of your face please.

Please bring: Zills and veil to class. (Mandatory after 3rd week of class)

Monday Night: 7pm to 8pm and 8pm to 9pm.

Advanced Choreagraphy
This class focuses on Choreography and performances for Middle Eastern Dance through poise, fluidity of motion, and musical interpretation.
In this class the students learn advanced dance moves and perform in a many places around the bay area and the state.
This is a competition class, and currently they are getting ready for Wiggles of the West in July

Tuesday night: 8pm to 9pm.

NOTE: currently you must have permission from the teacher to join the Advanced Choreography class. For more information Call Cheri Foster

Dalloua Dance Co Sunnyvale Classes are located out of Dance Attack Studio.

Class prices are charged by Dance Attack and start at $50.00 a month,
Drop-in price is $15.00 a class session.

Dance Attack Studio
120 Carroll St.,
SunnyVale, Ca 94086.
For more information please call Cheri Foster at 707 792 7951 or the Dance Attack Studio at 408 245 5432.

Private Indavidual or group lessions can be arranged by contacting Cheri Foster or Heather Pope. Cheri teaches classes around the bay area, and Heather in Mantica Ca. Please feel free to contact either of them for more information.

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